This Website Is Hosted On A2 Turbo Hosting Plan

Posted by Daren Low / Last updated:11:26AM, November 27, 2023, Central Time (CT) 

If you come across this site randomly, I want to let you know that this website is part of the Bitcatcha’s in-depth A2 Hosting reviews. Pledge to offer honest web host review, we host our test sites on different website hostings and analyze the performance. With that we hope you, the reader, are able to make a better-informed decision.

Who Is A2 Hosting?

Incorporated in 2001 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, A2 Hosting is now one of the world famous brands providing full fledge website hosting services. There are many advantages hosting your website with A2 Hosting. Among them, speed is the primary one that we think how A2 become so popular today.

A2 Hosting claims that with their signature Turbo server, a website can load upto20 times faster as compared to site hosted with their competitors, however the price does not come cheap with it. Starting at $10.28 per month (12-month subscription), you get SSD storage and you can host unlimited websites on it. Most of importantly, you get equipped with their proprietary site caching software, likes A2 Optimized Site Accelerator.

So the question is – Are their claim real?

This Website Is Hosted On A2 Turbo Server

This website is hosted on A2 Hosting Turbo server. It is located at Michigan, their US East datacenter. This website is build with their pre-configured A2 Optimized WordPress application. So whatever experience you get on this website is exactly what you are getting should you host with the famous Turbo Server.

A2 Shared Hosting Plans

Results: A2 Turbo Uptime (March 2018 – Today)

We track the uptime of this website with UptimeRobot. The service sends ping to this website every 5 minutes to see whether it returns a 200 OK Status Code. We have started tracking the site on March 2018. Below is the accumulated results since the beginning.

(Tracked with

Results: A2 Turbo Server Speed Test Results

We have also put A2 Hosting into a test for its server response speed. We ping this website from 8 different locations around the world and assign a rating for it. Here is the test results:

  • Rating: A+
  • Worldwide Average Speed: 36.5 ms
  • Average Speed in US West And US East: 53 ms
  • See The Full Report

A2 Turbo Server Response Time

Results: A2 Turbo Website Load Time

Besides using Bitcatcha’s server speed checker, I also used GTMetrix and to speed test this website. And the results are excellent.

I have to emphasize that the two tests are done on this website after I have posted the contents above, WITHOUT any extra frontend optimizations. I leave the entire WordPress in its original settings (aka A2 Optimized WordPress).

Naturally a small site like this loads quick but what I wanted to highlight is that A2 Optimized WordPress already have a few important optimizations installed and it comes automatically. So you don’t need extra knowledge on how to further fine-tune the WordPress, which is really a time saver.

GT Metrix

1. GTMetrix shows 97% for PageSpeed score and 89% for YSlow score.
2. – The site fully loads in 0.6 seconds with First Byte at 0.35 seconds. The speed index is 809, well below the recommended 1,500 index.
3. Both tests are done without any frotend optimization by myself. The tests are done with its original A2 Optimized WodPress settings.
4. To learn why A2 Optimized WordPress could make so much difference, read our full A2 Hosting reviews.